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It’s not just for runners. Anyone who spends time doing things that make you bend your knees a lot, like walking, biking, and jumping, can get runner’s knee, an aching pain around the kneecap. It’s also called patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Symptoms of runner's knee include tenderness behind or around the patella, usually toward its center. You may feel pain toward the back of the knee, a sense of cracking or that the knee's giving out. Steps, hills, and uneven terrain can aggravate runner's knee.

Continuing our series of common running injuries and how to treat them, physiotherapist Rebecca Christenson examines runner’s knee – otherwise known as patellofemoral pain syndrome

If you are reading this article on knee pain, you are probably suffering from some runner’s knee symptoms, and are looking for something….anything to help it get better so you can get back to running.